Siepe Platform
Intuitive • Actionable • Transparent

At its core, Siepe strives to provide asset managers with an intuitive platform to discover strategic, actionable insights buried within their existing disparate data sources, to improve operational due diligence and reduce risk, and to improve margins and scalability through outsourced institutional infrastructure.

By increasing transparency and enabling managers to unify portfolio analysis, performance attribution, risk management and data warehousing, our platform enables clients to focus on maximizing returns and driving sustainable competitive advantage.

Portfolio Management

With numerous systems and parties involved, ranging from market data sources to portfolio accounting, administrators, and prime brokers, asset managers can find it difficult to identify which “version” of their positions and portfolios is accurate. Siepe’s platform is fundamentally focused on aggregating these disparate data sources into a single source of truth. Ultimately, advanced analytics, which are the cornerstone to discovering insights, are intuitively layered over portfolio and market data to further leverage existing assets and strengthen strategic investment decisions.

  • Adaptable to complex business structures segmented across multiple portfolios, funds, and strategies allocated across various custodians
  • View current as well as historical, point-in-time snapshots of positions with aggregating and drill-down capabilities
  • Market data enrichments including beta, discount margin, benchmark ratios, and more
  • Exportable views for additional analysis
  • Global contextual search by Analyst, Portfolio, Fund, Instrument, Issuer, and more

Performance Measurement

Accurate and timely measurement and reporting of performance is critical for asset managers to actively assess their strategies and understand how they are contributing to maximum returns. Consistency across the firm in the methodology used is also imperative to benchmarking managers against each other and the market. Siepe’s platform provides a robust performance calculation engine, integrated alongside position data, that enables in-depth investigation of performance across various entities within the firm.

  • Performance calculated and maintained across multiple timeframes – Daily, week-to-date, month-to-date, and year-to-date
  • Assignment of performance by Analyst, Fund, Portfolio, Issuer, and Industry
  • Dynamic visualization of historical performance trending with drill-in capabilities
  • Absolute, as well as geometrically-linked, time-weighted relative return measures available

Middle & Back Office Operations

In order to continuously meet the challenges associated with growing regulatory compliance, transaction complexity, and investor demands, investment firms need to simultaneously embrace lean, yet robust, operational architectures. Siepe’s streamlined processes, well-defined workflows, and numerous tools provide firms with institutional-quality infrastructure to meet the operational due diligence needs of their investors.

  • Market data management, including cleansing and enrichment of security reference and pricing data with support for multiple asset classes
  • Automated reconciliation of position and trade data across multiple data sources
  • Standardized and customizable reporting, including fund scorecards, analyst / portfolio performance, and more
  • Compliance adherence and monitoring through restricted lists, GIPS, issuer concentration, and 13 D/G reporting
  • Trade allocations, process monitoring dashboard, extensive third-party integration, and much more

Managed Service

Typical technology implementations in the financial industry require large upfront capital investments and lengthy implementation timeframes. For this very reason, smaller funds are usually precluded from accessing institutional-quality infrastructure. Siepe aims to increase availability to such technology by offering its platform and services as part of a unique managed services hosted solution. This offers a quicker time to market, seamless upgrades & maintenance, and the flexibility to scale with your business, all of which results in an overall lower cost of ownership and complete transparency into the data’s lifecycle.

  • Platform as a Service model ensures access to the latest features and updates
  • Securely hosted in the cloud providing unparalleled access and availability through a web-based portal
  • Adapter-based technology with extensive library for industry leading market data providers, accounting systems, custodians, and administrators
  • Flexible integration with existing and legacy systems as well as established business workflows